Friday, September 19, 2008

Interesting Trends...

A couple interesting trends were discovered using Google trends. I am at a loss of what to say.

For example:

You will notice that lolcats become popular on Google's search around the time it became a meme.

What about some other terms?


This trend appeared to spike around the time To Catch a Predator aired in early 2007. By mid 2007 it doubled in it's graph. And by 2008 it grew by over a multiple of three. This leads me to believe that this show is responsible for all the pedophiles it catches. By the way, predator show, you'll find more pedophiles in Richmond, TX.


Always been popular, even before "the show" went on air. This is not searched for as much as jailbait is by any means.

I really hope the jailbait trend is just a coincidence. If any person feels like putting more research into the observation, please do. When you write the book and sell a million copies, send me some cache.

So, until next time...