Friday, January 22, 2010

Intel customer warranty support is not very straight forward.

Hey Gelbooru users!

I've become aware that Intel is not very straight with their warranty terms for hardware. Quite simply, they refuse to send a replacement SSD because they believe Mr. Admin intentionally broke a 350 dollar piece of equipment. They will not honor the warranty and Mr. Admin has already tossed the drive out.

You can see a picture here:

I bet you're asking yourself, how the hell did that happen? Well, I was there watching him like a hawk. He opened up the other server to remove the power supply but needed to unhook the hard drives to get to it, since the cables were overlapping. He yanked out the ones to the backplane easily enough, but when handling the drive, when he pulled the cable out, out came that little L piece of plastic as well!

Now, how the hell does that happen? Well, he doesn't know, and neither does support. They claim that it can't happen and since he was the first one to ever call in about this problem that it was 100% his fault. He who smelt it, dealt it. That should be their "new" internal company slogan if it isn't already.

Through questioning them further, I am told that Mr. Admin was able to get them to admit that cosmetic damage is able to be replaced by warranty, since it isn't physical damage. So, for all of you people with insurance and murderous intentions, Intel says that you can scratch up anything because it is not physical! Go grab some keys, slice off some skin - you creepy people - and enjoy this knowledge presented by the all powerful and all knowing at Intel's Customer Support Higher Intelligence Team. Upper management, is there anything you can't fuck up?

Mr. Admin considers submitting a report to the BBB. I doubt that will help. Oh, before I forget: yay for acronyms.