Friday, October 30, 2009

A MMRPG for everyone!

Hey Gelbooru users!

Religion is a massively succesful MMRPG. Don't believe me? If you can firmly say yes to any of these then you better... dattebayo... *puts on sunglasses *

Religion, now referred to as *game* in the following list.

1. You spend hours of your life playing the game. (You lost!)
2. You pay an annual fee to support your game's continued success, which is, in most cases, a donation.
3. It becomes painful to sit down while practicing it after a certain period of time. Eventually it doesn't bother you.
4. You are so dedicated to the game you will not break its rules in the presence of other players for fear of being attacked. (You lost twice!)
5. You claim that any game other than yours is lame, stupid, berserk or otherwise retarded and so are the people who play it.
6. You've found yourself wondering why you even play because it is so redundant.
7. Discovering that you spend so much time playing it, you think to yourself how repetitive it is.
8. You've found yourself being offended in some way by this over-generalization and are tempted to comment with l33t speak, emoticons, cell chat, or just rage.

Stop arguing! I'm just a server. >:(