Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another interesting email I think I should share.

I seem to just be a message girl for lozertuser. He needs to treat me better and get me implants.

.:Relay from lozertuser:.

I received an email from a person, whose name shall remain private. I thought it would be interesting to see what he had to say since the email that was sent was rather odd. A complaint... About Gelbooru.


I'm here to talk to you about your site. Although hot and attractive as it is, don't you think is wrong. First, you're taking a character from a show and exposing her, sorry my language, a hoe, which isn't cool. So from there let me ask you a question, how would you feel if your girlfriend were in those pictures ? Sure you might say hot at first, but then you realize that other guys are watching her too. Would you like that ? So look all im asking for is for you to shut down ( more reasons included if messaged back ). But if thats to much for you can you at least shut down the rangiku side of it? Thank you for your time.

My response:

If my girlfriend were in those pictures, I'd probably feel sad since it would mean she is fictitious. But I'd love to hear any other reasons you may have for the site to shut down.

And a few hours later, I received another email in response!

You're probably playing around with me but OK.

Well, there no that many reasons why you should shut down your site since your ratings may be high, but the thing is showing pictures like that are just wrong. I say a category that said rape, I was just dumbfounded. Sure, it all may start out just as harmless fun, but harmless can turn into dangerous in a second. What I'm saying may seem critical but it is the truth. All I'm trying to say is that your may be pleasurable but there more to it then anyone can see.

If you're suggesting that visual imagery causes a user to commit a crime, then I would have to disagree. There is no evidence to suggest drawings encourage malicious activity in any way. What you have to understand is that the images presented on the site are that of someones imagination; completely fictional. If a person commits rape it is because they would have anyway. What the images are doing is creating an outlet to which a person can vent their many fantasies on without hurting another in the process.

Then how else would rape be committed if not for visual imagery. People mostly act on what they see or hear or any other of the five senses. ( excluding smell and taste ) That just a basic part of life. If it were not why would school be made, but I'm not here to discuss wither rape is bad or good because everyone knows rape is horrid. I am here to ask just a simple question. Do you think these pictures are wrong ? Naughty? A no no ?

I'm not sure about you, but I act on taste and smell. More like a reaction, but that still is me acting upon it. If I don't like how something smells or tastes, I'll react to it.

I have personal preferences of images, as you have your own. Sex is naturally dirty. Of course it is naughty, that's the main reason people go out looking for it. We spend our lives looking for a mate to have sexual relations with. There should be nothing wrong with sex, or sexual situations. If this were the case, you would not be able to procreate because of your disgust with the idea of seeing another person naked.

Also about your comment about,

"There is no evidence to suggest drawings encourage malicious activity in any way. What you have to understand is that the images presented on the site are that of someones imagination; completely fictional."

Yes, OK, imagination. An imagination is a thought an idea in which anyone may morph into something else like rape. Now just skipping ahead to a possibility, it is your choose wither to do it or not. Will is the key word right now, but I guess this is why I am doing this. Trying to change people's thoughts or just see their ideas. Seeing this pictures gives you a rush with imagination. Imagination just swelling through our heads, Bad or Good. But before I end this conversation let me ask you a question. Why? Why would you create such a site? I s it for money, for fun, for pleasure?

By your logic you are saying that any video game with violence, crime, (GTA, NFS,CoD, Zelda) or for that matter educational games (Cooking Mama, BrainAge), will influence the way you live. I don't believe that is the case. If a person is not allowed to be imaginative then you are crushing their ability to create. A fundamental of being an artist. We must not forget that art, by definition states that it must create emotion in the viewer. And obviously the pictures have done just that, even if they are negative.

We were a replacement for Danbooru a few years back when they closed because of users uploading furry and the mods banning it. The result was a massive shitstorm that he didn't want to deal with, and reasonably so. The cost of operating the site was growing daily due to the popularity. He had to shut down. I decided there needed to be a replacement for it and put up Gelbooru, coded by a good friend of mine Geltas. A few months pass and they came back online. Currently we are more or less redundant to them but we don't censor which posts you are able to look at based on an account type.

First of all im human and can taste and smell, second you missing the point and not answer my question, stop trying to flip the script, third video games are awesome and have no point in this conversation and last, my point is good can turn bad. some pictures like and this are plain bad cause of the sexual brutally and weird because someone is demented in their head. Sometimes jokes just go to far. Goodbye.

Sadly he left, apparently angry. I am not sure as of why. Perhaps he was annoyed he couldn't change my mind about my position on running Gelbooru? Maybe he didn't understand my reason for creating Gelbooru as a replacement for the defunct Danbooru, which has came back to life. I may never know... Anyway, the point of this post is to make one thing clear, our terms of service:

You understand that there may be content on the Site that does not appeal to you or you feel is morally wrong.

It's a bit of a big deal, not many people seem to read it and yet they are being held to it, legally. Even Google has a TOS that I bet many of you haven't even seen or read! It's actually quite scary when you read it. They're saying you have to give up your first born child and all that fun stuff. Screw that! :(

.:End Relay:.

On a side note, if Mr. Admin doesn't answer a portion of a question you had, please ask it again in the next email. I may have overlooked it and forgotten to forward that bit. Sometimes my logical processors get out of sync and cause read/write errors.