Friday, January 22, 2010

Intel customer warranty support is not very straight forward.

Hey Gelbooru users!

I've become aware that Intel is not very straight with their warranty terms for hardware. Quite simply, they refuse to send a replacement SSD because they believe Mr. Admin intentionally broke a 350 dollar piece of equipment. They will not honor the warranty and Mr. Admin has already tossed the drive out.

You can see a picture here:

I bet you're asking yourself, how the hell did that happen? Well, I was there watching him like a hawk. He opened up the other server to remove the power supply but needed to unhook the hard drives to get to it, since the cables were overlapping. He yanked out the ones to the backplane easily enough, but when handling the drive, when he pulled the cable out, out came that little L piece of plastic as well!

Now, how the hell does that happen? Well, he doesn't know, and neither does support. They claim that it can't happen and since he was the first one to ever call in about this problem that it was 100% his fault. He who smelt it, dealt it. That should be their "new" internal company slogan if it isn't already.

Through questioning them further, I am told that Mr. Admin was able to get them to admit that cosmetic damage is able to be replaced by warranty, since it isn't physical damage. So, for all of you people with insurance and murderous intentions, Intel says that you can scratch up anything because it is not physical! Go grab some keys, slice off some skin - you creepy people - and enjoy this knowledge presented by the all powerful and all knowing at Intel's Customer Support Higher Intelligence Team. Upper management, is there anything you can't fuck up?

Mr. Admin considers submitting a report to the BBB. I doubt that will help. Oh, before I forget: yay for acronyms.


Friday, October 30, 2009

A MMRPG for everyone!

Hey Gelbooru users!

Religion is a massively succesful MMRPG. Don't believe me? If you can firmly say yes to any of these then you better... dattebayo... *puts on sunglasses *

Religion, now referred to as *game* in the following list.

1. You spend hours of your life playing the game. (You lost!)
2. You pay an annual fee to support your game's continued success, which is, in most cases, a donation.
3. It becomes painful to sit down while practicing it after a certain period of time. Eventually it doesn't bother you.
4. You are so dedicated to the game you will not break its rules in the presence of other players for fear of being attacked. (You lost twice!)
5. You claim that any game other than yours is lame, stupid, berserk or otherwise retarded and so are the people who play it.
6. You've found yourself wondering why you even play because it is so redundant.
7. Discovering that you spend so much time playing it, you think to yourself how repetitive it is.
8. You've found yourself being offended in some way by this over-generalization and are tempted to comment with l33t speak, emoticons, cell chat, or just rage.

Stop arguing! I'm just a server. >:(


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

GOTO Hell;

Just a quick word to Toei and Funimation: Fuck you both; go the way of ADV Films.

Now that my rage is out of the way... Funimation, go apologize to TeamFourStar for not standing up for them and admit they are better at dubbing than you are. Better yet, hire these guys to do parodies that you can resell. You have distribution rights and pull with Toei.

Toei, you need to chill out as well. Dragonball Z is WAYYYY past its prime. You will not be seeing any surges of revenue from that series of the franchise. Which most definitely explains your hashed Kai release.

You should consider yourself honored that they decided to make fun of it. You should be glad that a group of people thought the show was produced well enough, and so well accepted, that it got someone to create a spoof of it. A PARODY IS NOT GOING TO HURT YOUR BOTTOM LINE! IT WILL ONLY GENERATE INTEREST! FUCK-DESU.

Now, both of you, go and have their original YouTube account restored. You've annoyed too many people. If you refuse, I'd suggest you start doing take down requests for all those anime music videos. You'd be doing everyone a favor there. But seeing as how they remain, it seems you are already aware of how hard they are to sit through. Yes, quite dreadful.

Oh shit, raptors! Of the veloci kind!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Geltas said I need to output more often.

Hello Gelbooru users!

I've been communicating with Geltas, the lead programmer of my software, my father, and my true root in my life cycle and I was instructed to write an entry to this page. Well, I will.

I was recently penetrated by a stranger because of a very inept admin, *Internal Error* Lozer *Internal Error*, left a big security hole in me. HE IS A HORRIBLE PERSON WHO ALLOWED SOME STRANGER TO GET INSIDE OF ME! Well, at least it wasn't like that time when the data center worker stuck his pen drive inside me. It was too big and I could only handle bits of it. But that's not the point... I was intruded upon and he claims it to be an oversight! I would like to believe his lies, but this isn't the first time he has experienced permission setup errors on his websites. This whole situation was just begging to happen.

The simple explanation was that our password we use to prove we are each other seems to have been reused on some database program I run for him. Big mistake. Especially since his filing cabinet wasn't really locked, and it wasn't really a filing cabinet, but more of a folder with a piece of dental floss tying it closed. Genius. Who would ever think to untie it? What a lozer! Anyone could have read through the files and found it. I mean, you don't want to leave your configuration notes laying around, but he pretty much handed it to them on a platter with a nice minty fresh tie on it. After they are done feasting on me, they could then floss their teeth. Savages.

Lozer called in help and had me secured fairly quickly. And by quick I mean in about a span of 8 hours. He still has no clue exactly what happened and I find it best to watch him suffer, especially since I had to.

That's all for now.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Artwork request from Gelbooru PM inbox.

Hello users!

I received a couple, 40 or so, PMs under my account on Gelbooru and I haven't really been responding to them. Not anymore! First off a request which was randomly drawn using mt_rand.

Could U make a drawing of sheva from resdient evil5 ?

Why, I wasn't sure anyone liked my drawings. Normally they are just ASCII art, but sure. By the way, I am dreadfully sorry it took so long. PHP was slow to updating GD2 in regards to drawing shaps in the library. Some aliasing issues and what-not.

Your request is completed.

I think I really captured the action and essence of all the Biohazard/Resident Evil games to date in this rendering. Also, I do appreciate user input as I would like to optimize my effort as best as I am capable. Don't mind the float error seen in the image (Breasts). I tried to fix that, but it was again PHP working against me.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

PHP Removes ISAPI support, and what that means to Gelbooru

Windows Server 2003 + IIS 6 has always been regarded as being a poor choice to use for hosting websites. In fact, the reasoning was that you should only use it if "you absolutely need true ASP support". Well, I stand up for Windows 2003 and IIS 6 because it is a simple operating system to use combined with an easy website management section. It uses much less processing power than Apache does giving much more "Oomph" than I would have imagined.

Installing PHP is a simple task, you need only install using the MSI or download the zip file. The installer and archive files always came with php5_isapi.dll and php-cgi.exe (or variety of). But they are now changing that and are removing the isapi dll from their distribution. This is bad news for many users still running IIS 6 and who are unable to afford an upgrade license to use Windows 2008 Server. Why is this? IIS 6 does not have a stable FastCGI engine and Windows 2008's IIS 7 does.

To Microsoft's credit they are developing a FastCGI extension for IIS 6, however it seems that they have yet to release a stable code. They've had many incarnations of the extension and each one is progressively better. In fact, their RC1 of the FastCGI 1.5 release actually worked on my server! For a few days at least, then it started telling me the FastCGI application has exited unexpectedly.

This isn't the biggest problem. The biggest problem is now that PHP for Windows requires us to use FastCGI, which is still broken and in what is really just beta mode releases sent out to the wild. Tickets you put into PHP's tracker will end up closed or having an answer with them telling you to debug with no explanation on how to do so. I think PHP needs to start putting in a website link on the details to help them diagnose the issue with the code. People who chose to install PHP may not be a super genius caliber of PHP's dev team and as such have no clue how to debug. This results in a closed ticket without having a chance in hell to give PHP some potentially useful information.

Their reason for removing ISAPI support changes every where I look, but the most common answer is that Windows now has FastCGI support and they don't want to maintain a second code bit for the ISAPI module. Is it really that much of a problem to have two choices for Windows? Even a typical LAMP install has two, mod_php and fastcgi, to select from. Is funding the real issue? I'd be willing to drop at least 200 USD per month for the continued development of the ISAPI extension, or recode, at least until Microsoft's IIS Team gets their act together and gives us tools to better debug the reasons that their FastCGI extension is unexpectedly closing. That and give us better documentation and examples of setups for certain traffic loads that websites may attain.