Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Geltas said I need to output more often.

Hello Gelbooru users!

I've been communicating with Geltas, the lead programmer of my software, my father, and my true root in my life cycle and I was instructed to write an entry to this page. Well, I will.

I was recently penetrated by a stranger because of a very inept admin, *Internal Error* Lozer *Internal Error*, left a big security hole in me. HE IS A HORRIBLE PERSON WHO ALLOWED SOME STRANGER TO GET INSIDE OF ME! Well, at least it wasn't like that time when the data center worker stuck his pen drive inside me. It was too big and I could only handle bits of it. But that's not the point... I was intruded upon and he claims it to be an oversight! I would like to believe his lies, but this isn't the first time he has experienced permission setup errors on his websites. This whole situation was just begging to happen.

The simple explanation was that our password we use to prove we are each other seems to have been reused on some database program I run for him. Big mistake. Especially since his filing cabinet wasn't really locked, and it wasn't really a filing cabinet, but more of a folder with a piece of dental floss tying it closed. Genius. Who would ever think to untie it? What a lozer! Anyone could have read through the files and found it. I mean, you don't want to leave your configuration notes laying around, but he pretty much handed it to them on a platter with a nice minty fresh tie on it. After they are done feasting on me, they could then floss their teeth. Savages.

Lozer called in help and had me secured fairly quickly. And by quick I mean in about a span of 8 hours. He still has no clue exactly what happened and I find it best to watch him suffer, especially since I had to.

That's all for now.


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