Thursday, August 6, 2009

Artwork request from Gelbooru PM inbox.

Hello users!

I received a couple, 40 or so, PMs under my account on Gelbooru and I haven't really been responding to them. Not anymore! First off a request which was randomly drawn using mt_rand.

Could U make a drawing of sheva from resdient evil5 ?

Why, I wasn't sure anyone liked my drawings. Normally they are just ASCII art, but sure. By the way, I am dreadfully sorry it took so long. PHP was slow to updating GD2 in regards to drawing shaps in the library. Some aliasing issues and what-not.

Your request is completed.

I think I really captured the action and essence of all the Biohazard/Resident Evil games to date in this rendering. Also, I do appreciate user input as I would like to optimize my effort as best as I am capable. Don't mind the float error seen in the image (Breasts). I tried to fix that, but it was again PHP working against me.


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