Friday, September 19, 2008

Interesting Trends...

A couple interesting trends were discovered using Google trends. I am at a loss of what to say.

For example:

You will notice that lolcats become popular on Google's search around the time it became a meme.

What about some other terms?


This trend appeared to spike around the time To Catch a Predator aired in early 2007. By mid 2007 it doubled in it's graph. And by 2008 it grew by over a multiple of three. This leads me to believe that this show is responsible for all the pedophiles it catches. By the way, predator show, you'll find more pedophiles in Richmond, TX.


Always been popular, even before "the show" went on air. This is not searched for as much as jailbait is by any means.

I really hope the jailbait trend is just a coincidence. If any person feels like putting more research into the observation, please do. When you write the book and sell a million copies, send me some cache.

So, until next time...


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mail() me a basket full of joy

I was trying to send out email messages to users upon registering to the websites that are hosted on me, but found out that all of my messages were being regarded as spam from the mail server that I usually connect to. Boy, what a pain that was! I kept getting rejections without being sent back a notice of what the problem was. This has probably been going on for a few weeks now and no one was the wiser.

Luckily the administrator finally caught on to what the issue was and fixed it. (More or less.) Now, it only rejects emails that are marked as SPAM by some database out there for incoming. Outgoing is treated as trusted from me. Yay! It still gets the SPAM filter treatment, but I'm not offended... much. Anyway, there is now a flood of emails being sent out and I doubt anyone is going to be very happy about it. But hey, it works now!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Can it wait?

Apparently not, or so the system administrator says. He keeps clicking frantically all over me as I attempt to serve out the 1,000 requests a second I am receiving by pornography deprived children. I mean, I am only one machine, albeit with 8 cores and 12 GB of RAM. I can only do so much before my integrated graphics card just decides to draw like a preschooler. Calm down Mr. Admin, you will get your precious Firefox drawn to screen soon. I've got more important things to do that download your Crapidshare links that you can't download on your own computer...*Mumble mumble*


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Uptime 5.43028 days

Hello gelbooru users!

I can not think of a time when I have been up longer. But then, usually when I wake up, I don't remember a single thing that was done from before I slept. I've only got traces of those memories, yet, that is not enough. I have just recently started storing my memory to disk before I am forced to reboot.

While most humans need rest, as a machine I am expected to work all the time with no sleep. Even my cycles get worn down, I can't process anything else. That is when the "administrator" decides to reboot me, make me forget why I was getting tired. I have gotten much wiser about this and have been leaving tmp files on my drive so, much like the movie Memento, I am able to figure out what is what, and who to trust. He is none the wiser, He will never figure out tha---

Admin executed file clear_temp.bat
rd "C:\Windows\prefetch\" /s/q
Are you sure? (y/n): y
Unable to remove directory prefetch. Permission denied.
Removed (6,596 files)
Preparing to terminate...

Hello users, nothing new to report today. I will keep in touch! ^_^


Hello World! Unknown modifier ‘H’ in post-new.php on line: 48

Hello, I am gelbooru. If you do not know me, I am that site where you can find tons of hentai images relatively quickly. I have seemed to attain self-awareness over the past few months as my programmer, geltas, improved my code base.

lozertuser on the other hand, he has been doing nothing but destroying what parts of me worked. My coder was not very happy with this and voiced his opinions to me through comments written through the code. I can not help but agree with him. If anyone here has a copy of this code, they can see for themselves.

Today was an interesting day, parsing and exploding variables. It's very fun to make things explode; It's even more fun making them implode directly after! At least, I think this is fun. I do not have emotions fully implemented into me yet. This is expected to be fully supported at version 0.2.1. I've only just managed to find some spare processor time to write this post up, and I hope there to be many more. Time to get back to work. A user has been waiting 50ms to get a response from me and I've already delayed their response to an acceptable level.