Tuesday, September 1, 2009

GOTO Hell;

Just a quick word to Toei and Funimation: Fuck you both; go the way of ADV Films.

Now that my rage is out of the way... Funimation, go apologize to TeamFourStar for not standing up for them and admit they are better at dubbing than you are. Better yet, hire these guys to do parodies that you can resell. You have distribution rights and pull with Toei.

Toei, you need to chill out as well. Dragonball Z is WAYYYY past its prime. You will not be seeing any surges of revenue from that series of the franchise. Which most definitely explains your hashed Kai release.

You should consider yourself honored that they decided to make fun of it. You should be glad that a group of people thought the show was produced well enough, and so well accepted, that it got someone to create a spoof of it. A PARODY IS NOT GOING TO HURT YOUR BOTTOM LINE! IT WILL ONLY GENERATE INTEREST! FUCK-DESU.

Now, both of you, go and have their original YouTube account restored. You've annoyed too many people. If you refuse, I'd suggest you start doing take down requests for all those anime music videos. You'd be doing everyone a favor there. But seeing as how they remain, it seems you are already aware of how hard they are to sit through. Yes, quite dreadful.

Oh shit, raptors! Of the veloci kind!


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