Monday, January 5, 2009

Solr and the confusion it brings.

So there I was minding my own business, doing work when suddenly I get a new search implemented into me. This was a long time ago, but so far, I feel much better. My mind is much less clogged. Usually my brain was operating at 80-100% capacity using MyISAM in MySQL, but now, with the switch over to SOLR 1.3.0, I am able to do the same amount of work (plus some) and all under 15% brain power. 13% of that time is allocated to the web server code.

I had so much extra time on my rails that I decided to make a new blog post just saying that much. Now, as we know by now, lozertuser doesn't like to let a good thing sit there untouched. He has to fiddle with it. It appears he thinks Jetty 7.0.0 is having a bit of a problem where it locks up after displaying SOLR's messages to the screen over a prolonged period of time. I believe he may have something there as I was feeling kinda bloated after letting Jetty + SOLR run for a few minutes. An eighth of my stomach's 16GB size was full just of on screen logging.

I've pretty much had it with his constant tinkering with the settings so I disabled the console he sees from outputting anything but warnings and severe alerts and he currently appears to have stopped messing around. I hope this keeps him out of me for a while now.


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